First Three Chapters Of White Houses, Blue Dresses Now Available

White Houses, Blue Dresses Is Officially Live On Blookcase!

The first three chapters of White Houses, Blue Dresses are now available on Blookcase. Chapter four will be published at no particular set time on Tuesday, June 21st, and subsequent chapters will be published each Tuesday following, straight through Fall. All of these chapters will be free to read on Blookcase!

White Houses, Blue Dresses is a satirical retelling of the Bill Clinton/ Monica Lewinsky scandal from the 1990’s,┬ádone in a voice of┬áblatantly and intentionally irreverent screwball comedy. It follows Monica Lewinsky from her very first day at the White House, working as an intern for Leon Panetta, straight through to the scandal breaking and the aftermath that follows.

The series is an utter work of satire, only loosely based on real events. Please don’t take this as a historical account of what happened, because it’s definitely not one. White Houses, Blue Dresses fictionalizes pretty much everything about the affair between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, and none of it should be taken as serious. Hopefully that will be pretty obvious to most people by the time they finish reading the first chapter.

Chapter 1 (Living The Dream) | Chapter 2 (The Invention Of The Internet) | Chapter 3 (We Can Be Heroes)

Blookcase is a website that publishes “blooks,” which are books written over blogs. This is a quasi-new art form, so please bear with us while we work out the technical mumbo-jumbo. Also, we know the site isn’t very aesthetically pleasing just yet. We hope to correct that in the coming days and weeks. Right now, our primary focus is on delivering new chapters. We’ll try to spiffy up the website when we aren’t doing that.

We hope you enjoy White Houses, Blue Dresses. We welcome and encourage your feedback, too; please leave comments for us, so we know what you think about the story and the direction we’re taking it! Comments and constructive criticism about the website in general, the concept of publishing books in a blog format, etc. are also more than welcome and openly encouraged. We need all the help we can get and we appreciate any and all feedback you’re willing to offer.

We hope you enjoy the world’s first “blook,” and we’re really looking forward to publishing Chapter 4 next week!

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