Chapter 6 Of White Houses, Blue Dresses Now Live

Chapter 6 Of White Houses, Blue Dresses Is Now Available On Blookcase!

We hope you had a fun, happy, and safe Fourth of July yesterday. Today, we’re continuing forward with White Houses, Blue Dresses and just published Chapter 6 of the book. How patriotic of us!

In the latest chapter, Hillary Clinton begins to put her plans of global conquest into motion, enlisting the help of a small-time State legislator from Florida to help get things started. Meanwhile, Monica Lewinsky meets Rush Limbaugh, who has a mission of his own for her. Are the two incidents connected? Is Rush Limbaugh as honest as he claims he is?

The seventh chapter of White Houses, Blue Dresses will be published on Tuesday, July 12th. We’re closing in on the second act of the book series. Exciting times! Please let us know what you think about the story and its developments by leaving a comment for us below!

Photo by DonkeyHotey

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