Chapter 10 Of ‘White Houses, Blue Dresses’ Out Today!

Chapter 10 Of ‘White Houses, Blue Dresses’ Published!

The tenth chapter of White Houses, Blue Dresses has now been published, available exclusively on Blookcase!

In the tenth chapter, we find Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky enjoying another of their friendly late-night hangout sessions, playing a game of charades and eating dinner. That’s when Hillary Clinton’s diabolical plot backfires, and the wild creature they released into Vice President Al Gore’s office back in Chapter 9 comes back to bite her in the butt. Or in this case, bite someone else in a far less pleasant place!

Chapter 10 marks the official start of the second act of White Houses, Blue Dresses. This is a pivotal chapter that sets up all of the major events and twists yet to come. Brace yourselves, because the next several weeks are going to be jam-packed with tension, romance, and adventure. There will be many thrills, and one particularly historic spill, as the story continues through the summer and into the fall.

We’d like to apologize for Chapter 10 being published a day later than scheduled. We’ll continue to push to get one new chapter published each and every Tuesday, with Chapter 11 (hopefully) coming out on Tuesday, August 9th.

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