Chapter 11 Of ‘White Houses, Blue Dresses’ Out Now!

Eleventh Chapter of White Houses, Blue Dresses Now Available

The eleventh chapter of White Houses, Blue Dresses has just been published!

Chapter 11 takes place a few months after the events of chapter 10. The relationship between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky has now evolved into something much greater and deeper than their simple, innocent friendship. And Monica finds herself using that newfound closeness to comfort Bill as he struggled with the 1995 government shutdown that the Republican Party had caused.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and her cohorts go over their dastardly plot to get rid of Al Gore and replace him on the ’96 ticket with Hillary herself once and for all. But not everyone in the room agrees with Hillary’s plan, especially not the sinister final step that we finally learn about in greater detail.

The next chapter of White Houses, Blue Dresses will be released on Tuesday, August 16th. See you then, and we hope you enjoy this newest chapter!

Photo by DonkeyHotey

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