Chapter 12 Of “White Houses, Blue Dresses” Live Now!

Chapter 12 of White Houses, Blue Dresses Published


Chapter 12 of the online novel White Houses, Blue Dresses is now available to read, exclusively on Blookcase!

In chapter 12, titled “A Desk And A Hard Place,” Monica Lewinsky is swept off her feet by Bill Clinton, who takes her on a private aerial tour of the Nation’s capital. Once they return to the Oval Office, Monica decides to try and repay all of Bill’s kindness. But that’s when Hillary Clinton comes storming into the Oval, demanding Bill fire Al Gore. Does Hillary catch Monica and Bill in the act? Find out in Chapter 12!

The thirteenth chapter of White Houses, Blue Dresses will be released on Tuesday, August 23rd. It will officially be the half-way point through the 25 total chapters of the book. We hope you’re enjoying it so far!

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