Chapter 13 Of White Houses, Blue Dresses Out Now!

The Thirteenth Chapter Of White Houses, Blue Dresses Is Now Live

Chapter 13 of White Houses, Blue Dresses is now available here on Blookcase!

In this thirteenth chapter, Bill Clinton travels to California, to take part in both the California Democratic Convention and several fundraisers. But Bill was also hoping to enjoy some R&R during his trip, and those hopes were dashed by circumstances outside of his control. That sadness forces Monica to head out into Los Angeles to find Bill a gift that could liven his spirits.

Speaking of spirits, Hillary Clinton meanwhile meets up with her old friend Jean Houston, and the two women commune with the dead as Hillary continues her quest to obtain the Vice Presidency and the White House itself by whatever means are necessary.

Chapter 14 of White Houses, Blue Dresses will be available on Tuesday, August 30th. See you then!

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