Welcome To Blookcase!

Yes, we know, it’s a bit of a mouthful. But if you repeat it aloud a few times — Blookcase — it does become a bit easier to say, doesn’t it? Welcome to Blookcase, the Internet’s first, best, and currently only source for free online blooks!

What Is A Blook?

A blook is a book that uses blogging as its medium. Blooks published on Blookcase are published episodically, with a new chapter published each week (usually), sort of like a television show. This allows our authors, or blauthors, to release their blooks faster to readers, take in feedback on their stories as they develop them, and allow the community to interact with and within the story in ways traditional books can’t.

There are a few sorts of blooks you might find here in the future. Some are structured like traditional books, with a set number of chapters that are published episodically, week after week, until the story is done. Some might take a style more similar to a television show, with a set number of “episodes” (chapters) published each year. Others might be collections of short stories arranged into chapters or volumes. How our blauthors decide to create their content is up to them, but the premise remains the same.

What Is Blookcase.com?

Blookcase is the world’s first (and only) source for free online blooks. As it stands, we only have one blauthor, but down the road we’re hoping to slowly add more to our team as our community grows.

All of the blooks on our site are available for you to read absolutely free of charge. We don’t require subscriptions, logins, or any of that nonsense. Just bookmark us, read new chapters as they’re released, join the discussion by leaving comments (the only thing that requires any sort of login), and enjoy. And if you really, truly enjoy our content, consider pledging to our Patreon so we can grow our site, expand on our content, and keep delivering you our stories each month!

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