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White Houses, Blue Dresses

White Houses, Blue Dresses

by Matt Terzi

White Houses, Blue Dresses is an utterly satirical and fictional take on the story of Monica Lewinsky’s adventures in Washington DC and her special relationship with President Bill Clinton. It’s the story of two hapless dreamers whose friendship defiantly blossoms into love amid scandalous reelection campaigns, crippling government shutdowns, and the greed-riddled schemes of desperately-ambitious Washington insiders who will stop at nothing to see their own political dreams fulfilled.

This story is a project several years in the making. Its earliest iteration was as a script for a satirical musical play that told the story of the Bill Clinton/ Monica Lewinsky scandal as a screwball comedy love story.

White Houses, Blue Dresses is a work of satire, and while it’s very loosely based on historical events, the story presented here is not remotely factual. None of what you’re about to read happened the way we’re claiming it happened… not even a little bit. And if it did, well, God help us all.

White Houses, Blue Dresses pokes fun relentlessly and mercilessly at politicians and other famous figures from both sides of the aisle. If you’re often told you take politics too seriously, or if political discussion gets you easily riled up, this story isn’t for you. Our goal here isn’t to offend anyone, it isn’t to make a political statement, and it isn’t to take political sides. The one and only goal? Tell dick jokes. Lots and lots of dick jokes.

With that out of the way, we take you to our nation’s capital on a sunny July morning in 1995, as a young Monica Lewinsky arrives at the White House for the very first time…

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White Houses, Blue Dresses


Chapter 1 – Living The Dream (6/14/2016)

Chapter 2 – The Invention Of The Internet (6/14/2016)

Chapter 3 – We Can Be Heroes (6/14/2016)

Chapter 4 – Universal Health Care (6/21/2016)

Chapter 5 – Make America Late Again (6/28/2016)

Chapter 6 – Ditto (7/5/2016)

Chapter 7 – Debbie Does Dulles (7/12/2016)

Chapter 8 – Baker Street (7/19/2016)

Chapter 9 – Snake Oil Salesman (7/26/2016)


Chapter 10 – That Girl Is Poison (8/3/2016)

Chapter 11 – The Shutdown (8/9/2016)

Chapter 12 – A Desk And A Hard Place (8/16/2016)

Chapter 13 – Santa Monica (8/23/2016)

Chapter 14 – Campaign In Poetry… (8/30/2016)

Chapter 15 – Govern In Prose (9/6/2016)

Chapter 16 – Have A Cigar (9/13/2016)

Chapter 17 – The Defense Of Marriage Act (9/20/2016)

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